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2016-08-13 13:26:58 by Keita-Nozumi

still alive somehow


2013-03-24 17:54:18 by Keita-Nozumi

why do i even have this account? ._. i dont do shit here


2012-01-18 03:46:17 by Keita-Nozumi

long time that i have been here ._.


2011-09-19 02:42:02 by Keita-Nozumi

falling into an deep depressing black hole that will eat you alive if you stop fighting it..

Minecraft Servers?

2011-09-07 04:23:33 by Keita-Nozumi

Anyone wants to help me make/create/ test a minecraft server?
i am trying to make one it kind of works but only for people who have bought the game, i want to create it so that non-original people can play to but bukkit doesnt support them but non-bukkit wont accept plugins so any help will be welcome and dont be to young or something >.>

more information? e-mail me


2011-08-10 18:24:15 by Keita-Nozumi

post random shiz here! :D


/\-x Title x-/\

2011-07-05 07:29:07 by Keita-Nozumi

anyone has any idea how to work with flash? [the codeing mostly]

Post something here or make requests whatever...



2011-05-24 02:33:44 by Keita-Nozumi

anyone believes this?



2011-04-28 04:04:15 by Keita-Nozumi

Random trash...